1.      Indian Naval Placement Agency (INPA) was established on 28 Feb 06 with an aim to provide employment assistance to retired/retiring naval personnel and widows/next of kin of deceased naval personnel. INPA job portal was opened in May 2006 with association of At present, the job portal is hosted and maintained by Modulus Systems, a website design and development company.

 2.      Command Placement Cells are as follows: - 

                             Placement Cell                              Tele No 

          (a)     Indian Naval Placement Cell (East)        0891-2752771
                   INCS Complex, Naval Base
                   Visakhapatnam - 530 014


          (b)     Indian Naval Placement Cell (South)     0484-2662435
                   Naval Base, Kochi - 682 004


          (c)     Bureau Placement Cell                            022-25563320
                   Cheetah Camp                                         Extn - 5416/ 5450
                   Mankhurd, Mumbai - 400 088              


3.      The role of Command Placement Cells is to provide assistance to the retiring/retired officers, PBORs, their dependents and widows for registering on the INPA website and guidance. The Command Placement Cells also liaise with the employers/companies for local requirements and work as a link between INPA and Employer. 

4.      Website.   The INPA has its own website with domain name as and which is hosted and maintained by Modulus Systems. The website is updated regularly to incorporate the changes which take place from time to time. Some of the additional features adopted in INPA are as under:-

          (a) Sample resumes can now be downloaded from the website. 

(b) Resume writing tips can be downloaded from the website.

(c) Download facility for e-registration forms for those personnel who can not access the internet or who are not computer savvy. 

(d) Job assistance to its registered candidates in their city in the desired Company located in their area.  

 5.    Procedure for Registration with INPA website.

 The procedure for temporary registration is as under: -  

(a) Type URL  or  

(b) Click   - ‘Candidates’ to login  

(c) Candidate login page appears  

(d) Press - ‘New User’ to register on INPA  

(e) Fill up details to create login, User ID and Password.  

(f) After submitting, it generates temporary ID and intimates on your e-mail.  

(g) Click – ‘Submit’.  ‘Text page’ appears, click - ‘continue’ to INPA registration form  

(h) It takes to INPA registration form  

(j) Fill up the registration form  

(k) Click – ‘Submit’ after filling up the form  

(l) ‘Thank you’ page appears. Upload your resume and photograph. 

(m) An e-mail is sent to candidate with details of temporary registration number soon thereafter asking the candidates to forward the following documents to INPA for permanent registration:- 

(i) One copy of resume (with pp size colour photographs in civil dress)  

(ii) Copy of PPO/ NOC  

(iii) Demand Draft as applicable 

(n)  On receipt of above documents, authentication is done by INPA and the candidate is permanently registered. An e-mail is then sent by the portal indicating the Permanent Registration Number of the candidate. 

6.   Contact Details.  

Indian Naval Placement Agency
          6th Floor,
         Chanakya Bhawan
         New Delhi - 110021

Telefax:        011-24121687

 E-mail :  

7.      Registration Charges.   All retired/retiring officers and sailors are eligible to register on the website.  The widows of naval personnel and their dependents are eligible to register on the website free of charge.  The families of naval personnel are also eligible to register on the website and seek employment assistance through INPA. Registration charges are as follows: - 

          (a)     Registration (one time fee)            -        Rs 50/- 

          (b)     Annual subscription (in addition to one time fee

                   (i)      Officers & their dependents -        Rs 100/- 

                   (ii)      Sailors & their dependents   -        Rs 50/-     

(c)  Demand Draft for the payment of registration charges is to be prepared in favour of - “INDIAN NAVAL PLACEMENT AGENCY” payable at NEW DELHI. 

8.  Validity of Registration.           The validity of registration on the INPA website is limited to one year only from the date of registration except for widows and their dependents. The candidates profile is de-activated thereafter. An email is sent to the candidate intimating him/her to forward their annual subscription to INPA for re-activation of their profile. For widows and their dependents, there is no limitation of validity and their profile is not deactivated.