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Naval Station, Goa



Goa Naval Area is located in South Goa and is the Head-quarters for Flag Officer commanding Goa Area (FOGA) and Flag Officer Naval Aviation (FONA), Goa Naval Area is commanded by Flag Officer of the rank of a Rear Admiral who is also the Flag Officer Naval Aviation.

The four units of Goa Naval Area :

INS Hansa. It is located five kilometers from Vasco-da-Gama. It is the Naval Air Station. The postal address of INS Hansa is :

INS Hansa,
Dabolim Airport,
Dabolim Goa - 403801.

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INS Mandovi. It is located Thirty tow kilometers from Vasco-da-Gama and has the Naval Academy that trains officer for the Indian Navy. The postal address of INS Mandovi is: -

INS Mandovi,
Goa - 403 109.

INHS Jeevanti. It is located half a kilometer from Vasco-da-Gama and is the Naval Hospital. The postal address INHS Jeevanti is :-

INHS Jeevanti,
Goa Naval Area,
Goa - 403802.

INS Gomantak, It is located half a kilometer from Vasco-da-Gama and is the Logistic support unit for sixteen other units located around Vasco-da-Gama. The postal address of INS Gomantak is :-

Commanding Officer
INS Gomantak,
Goa Naval Area,

Addresses at Goa Naval Area are as follows :-
Officer accommodation
House No.........
Airport Road,
Goa - 403801.
Sailors accommodation
Quarter No........
Mangoor Hill
Goa - 403802.

Railway. The nearest railway station is the Vasco-da-Gama (Vasco) railway station.

Road Communication. The local road bus stand at Vasco-da-Gama has buses and taxies that ply to all key towns in Goa. The inter state bus stand(Kadamba Bus stand) had buses that ply to Managalore, Pune, Mumbai, Hubli, Miraj and other towns. Luxury and deluxe buses to Bombay, Pune, Bangalore, Mysore Mangalore and other important towns can be taken from private operators near the railway Station.

Air communication. The only airport in Goa at Dabolim has several air lines including Indian Airlines operating flight to Delhi, Bombay, Cochin and Bangalore.

Telephone. The STD code for Vasco-da-Gama is 0834. There are two telephone exchanges in Goa Naval Area that connect to various extension numbers in the units :-

Gomantak Exchange.512332, 513419, 513642, 513643, 513950 and 513951.
Hansa Exchange.513920, 513921

Other important units in GNA. Other important units GNA are as follows :-

Naval Coast Battery(NCB Goa) is located in Headland and overlooks the Harbour and outer anchorage of Marmugao Port.

Naval Store Depot(NSD Goa) is located on the Vasco Zuari Nagar road, Dabolim.

Transmitting Station(TS Goa) is located on the Bogmalo beach road, close to INS Hansa.

Aircats & RAIO Goa. The two units are located at INS Hansa and looks after the categorisation of aircrew and Inspection of Naval Air Crafts.

NAD Goa. The Naval Armament Depot is located at Chicalim.

WPS Goa. The Warship Production Superintendent has a office near Goa Shipyard limited and oversees the production of Naval Ships at Goa Shipyard Limited.

CGAS 800. The coast Guard Air Squadron 800 is located at INS Hansa.


The over all administration of Goa Naval Area is under Headquarters Goa Area.


All main routes from the unit have regular bus service to Vasco and other important towns in Goa. Amenities bus is available to railway station and Rajhans picture hall from Varunapuri as follows:-

Railway Station. Bus leaves Varunapuri at 1930 hrs. And leaves railway station for return trip at 2130 hrs. On all days.

Rajhans. Bus leaves Varunapuri at 1830 hrs. And 2115 hrs. and makes return trip at 2100 hrs. and 0300 hrs. on all days except Saturday when Rajhans picture hall is closed.

An ambulance service with a medical assistant is available at Family Welfare Centre Varunapuri on all days after working hours and at all times on Sundays and Holidays. The ambulance can be used by the residents of Varunapuri in an emergency: The Telephone No. At Family Welfare Centre - 5112.


Goa Naval Area has the following recreational facilities:

  •  Institutes
  • Cinema Hall
  • Cable TV Net work
  • Children Parks


Sports facilities available at Goa Naval Area are as follows:-



Sunrise to Sunset

Sunrise to Sunset

INS Hansa 0600 to 0800 hrs. And 1600 to 2000
NOI 0600 to 0930 hrs. And 1530 to 2100 hrs.

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Published on: 2006-05-18 (33067 reads)

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