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The Happy Retirement of a sailor, with all his Terminal Benefits and Pension Book in hand on the date of retirement, largely depends on the timely completion of various release formalities. The release formalities of a sailor start after publication of release serial. The timely decision regarding one's willingness or otherwise for further service is equally important. The following is a check off list for various release formalities :-

(a) D-11 Months

(i) Forward Service Documents (Original Service Certificate - IN 271, LeaveSheets IN 183 in case of old service documents) to CABS (Verification Section).

(ii) Prepare a Manuscript Record Sheet of the service documents as per Appendix "A".

(iii) Forward application for NOC for passport and NOC for civil employmentas per Appendix "B" and Appendix "C" respectively to CABS (Admin Section).

(iv) Initiate action for forwarding Employment Index Card (IAFY 2009) asper appendix "D" to Zila Sainik Board through CABS (GB Section).

(b) D-8 Months . Forward the completed Pension forms and relevant documentsto CABS (Pension Section).

(c) D-7 Months. Forward Release Medical Board Proceedings AFMSF 16/81 to CABS (Pension Section) in respect of sailors who are in Low Medical Category.

(d) D-5Months. Forward Release Medical Proceedings (AFMSF-18) to CABS (Pension Section) in respect of sailors who are in medical category S1A1.

(e) D-3 Months

(i) Sailors desirous of availing current years full annual leave to report to Release Centre (In such cases, Terminal Benefits and the Pension Book will be cleared only after the actual date of retirement).

(ii) Complete De-Kitting action including return of Tool Kit and Books of Reference(BR's).

(iii) Return the Permanent Identity Card and Special Passes, if any,to Naval
Provost Marshal Kunjali/Issuing authorities for cancellation.

(iv) Take early action to obtain a No Demand Certificate from Local MES
Authority, in case of occupation of Government Married Accommodation.

(f) D-2 Months. Sailors desirous of availing 1 month annual leave of the currentyear to report to Release Centre (In such cases, terminal benefits and the Pension Book will be cleared only after the actual date of retirement).

(g)D-1 Month.

(i) Sailor to report to Release Centre, if not availing Annual Leave of current year.

(ii) Forward No Demand Certificate from the Commanding Officer as per Appendix "E" to Naval Pay Office (Demob Section).

Pre Release Formalities (Prior to Reporting to Release Centre)

The various release formalities, which are to be completed after publication of Release Serial, till the sailor's reporting to Release Centre, are enumerated in the succeeding paragraphs.

Comparison of Names. Immediately on receipt of Release Serial, all concerned sailors are advised to compare their names on various documents such as Service Certificate (IN 271) Educational Certificates etc. and ensure that they are same on all documents. This should also tally with the name written on the enrollment form (IN 441), the application for "NO Objection Certificate" for Passport and Civil Employment and Pension Forms. In case of any discrepancy, CABS (Admin Section) is to be informed immediately.

Service Certificate and Leave Sheet. The Service Documents - revised IN 271 (original Service Certificate and Leave Sheets in case of old Service Documents) are to be forwarded to CABS (Verification Section) 11 months prior to the date of release. These documents are to be completed in all respect before forwarding to CABS. In case a sailor has acquired any higher academic qualification after joining service, the same is to be entered in the original IN 271 under the Commanding Officers signature duly quoting the number of Bureau Order Academic Qualification (BOAQ).

Manuscript Record Sheet. As soon as the service documents - Rev. IN 271 (Service Certificate and Leave Sheets in case of old Service Documents) are forwarded to CABS, Commanding Officers are to open a Manuscript Record Sheet as per appendix "A" in the Service Documents for making entries of Leave, GCB, Punishments, Character and Efficiency Assessments, Promotion etc. The details of leave granted to a sailor should include the No. of days leave granted, TT, effective date and Genform No. It is to be sent to CABS (Release Centre) by hand of the sailor at the time of his transfer.

No Objection Certificate for Passport and Civil Employment. If a sailor wishes to register his name in the Employment Exchange or to obtain Passport for going abroad, he may be permitted to do so only one year prior to the date of his release. The Commodore Bureau of Sailors (Admin Section) will issue No Objection Certificate for Employment as per Appendix "F" on receipt of sailor's request on prescribed Performa as per Appendix "B". For obtaining No Objection Certificate for Passport, the sailor has to apply on the prescribed Performa as per Appendix "C" duly recommended by the Commanding Officer. The CABS will issue No Objection Certificate for passport as per Appendix "G" after obtaining Naval Headquarters approval.

Employment Index Card. If a sailor wishes to register his name with his Zila Sainik Board for rehabilitation after release, he may forward his Employment Index Card (IAFY - 2009) as per Appendix "D" to the concerned Zila Sainik Board through CABS (GB Section).

Opening of Bank Accounts. Sailors are to open two separate Bank Accounts, one for drawing his Service Pension and the other for getting his Terminal Benefits after release, as per details given below :-

(a) One single account is to be opened with any of the authorised pension disbursing branch of a Nationalised Bank for drawing his pensionery benefits. The list of such authorised banks is available with Command Headquarters.

(b) A Single or Joint Saving Bank Account with any Bank, preferable State Bank of India or its subsidiary Banks, at their native place for drawl of terminal benefits after retirement in accordance with NO 41/88.

Forwarding of Pension Forms. On publication of Release Serial, CABS (Pension Section) will forward the relevant forms for claiming Service Pension, Retirement Gratuity, Commutation of Pension etc to the Commanding Officers of concerned sailors. These forms are to be completed with utmost care and returned to CABS (Pension Section) at least 11 months prior to the date of release.

Release Medical Examination. All sailors are required to undergo a pre-release medical examination (AFMSF 18 for S1A1 category) prior to the date of their normal release from service. In the event of the sailor being in low medical category or if a disability is detected/claimed by the individual at the time of release he will be brought before a Release Medical Board and proceedings recorded on AFMSF 16 and 81. These Releases Medical Board Proceeding are to reach CABS (Pension Section) not later than: -

(a) 7 months prior to the date of release in case of sailors who are in medical category S1A1.

(b) 5 months prior to the date of release in case of sailors who are in low medical category.

Application for Post Retirement Death Insurance Extension Scheme (PRDIES).

An application for the PRDIES benefits from Naval Group Insurance Fund will be forwarded to the sailors along with their pension forms. This form is to be completed in all respect and forwarded to CABS (Release Centre) at least 1 month prior to their reporting.

De-Kitting. Sailors are to complete their De-Kitting before their transfer to Release Centre. For the purpose of De-Kitting they are required to return the following items :-

(a) Cover Bed

(b) Pillow Kapok

(c) Bag Kit

(d) Pad lock

(e) Sheet barracks

(f) Handle 'D' shape

Personal clothing and necessaries are not required to be returned. However, permanent clothing items taken on temporary loan are to be returned.

Technical sailors issued with Tool Kit are required to return the same. BR's issued to sailors should also be returned. A certificate of completion of De-Kitting, including return of Tool Kit, is to be issued to the sailor for handing over the same to Release Centre.

Permanent Identity Card. Sailors holding permanent Identity Card are to return the same to the Naval Provost Marshal, INS Kunjali, Mumbai through their Commanding Officers for cancellation. Special passes, if any, are also to be returned to the issuing authority for cancellation.

Vigilance Clearance Certificate. In order to ensure that Sailors, against whom
Vigilance/Disciplinary Proceeding are pending are not granted Pension or Gratuity and allowed to commute a part of their pension, as a matter of course, Commanding Officers of ship/establishments concerned are to render a certificate to CABS stating whether any Vigilance /Disciplinary proceedings are pending against a sailor.

Payments. Sailors are to collect all upto date dues such as CEA, CILQ, MLR and RTF etc. before their transfer to Release Centre. No cash payment other than terminal benefits will be paid by Release Centre. For claiming CILQ for the release period sailors drawing the same immediately prior to his reporting to Release Centre are to bring a copy of Office Order authorising them to make private arrangement for accommodation and a notation of "Continue to draw CILQ" in the transfer Genform.

Travel Forms. Sailors are to collect necessary Railway Warrants, for family and
baggage (including Motor Cycle/Scooter) to his Home Station/Selected Place of Residence, from their last unit. A single railway warrant for self with Nil baggage from Bombay to the Home Station/Selected Place of Residence will be issued by CABS.

No Demand Certificate. A "NO Demand Certificate" (as per appendix "E") confirming that no claim is outstanding against a sailor during the period he served in ship/establishment is to be issued by the Commanding Officer of his last ship/establishment in which he was borne prior to his transfer to Release Centre. This certificate is required for all sailors, irrespective of whether Married/Unmarried, and to be forwarded to Logistics Officer-in-Charge, Naval Pay Office, Mumbai.

Necessary action is also required to be taken, well in advance, to obtain a 'No Demand Certificate' from the local MES authorities to the effect that no barrack damage or other dues are outstanding against a sailor. Delay in vacation of Government Quarters and non issue of 'No Demand Certificate' delays finalisation of pay account. This certificate is not necessary for a sailor who has not been occupying any Government married accommodation, provided a notation to this effect has been made on the 'No Demand Certificate' from the Commanding Officer.

Execution of Will. In the interest of all sailors, they are advised to execute a Will setting out the manner in which he would like his properties to be distributed after his death. The "Will" may be executed in the approved form as per appendix "A" to NO 55/83 and one copy forwarded to Bureau of Sailors, Mumbai.

Reporting to Release Centre. Sailors are to report to Release Centre not later than the last day of the preceding month. Sailors, who wish to avail their one/two months annual leave of the current year at the time of Release, are to report to Release Centre 2/3 calendar months prior to the date of release. However, sailors released from service with annual leave of that year will be paid their Terminal Benefits (NGIF, Leave encashment, Gratuity etc) only after their actual date of retirement. Terminal benefits to sailors reporting late to Release Centre are likely to be delayed.

Documents to be Brought By Hand. Sailors are to carry the following documents
by hand at the time of their transfer, for handing over to the Release Centre :-

(a) Service Documents, less Service Certificate (IN 271) and Leave Sheets (IN 183) which have been sent earlier (In case of old SD's)

(b) Manuscript Record Sheet with up to date entries including assessment at the time of transfer to the release centre.

(c) Certificate of De-Kitting/copies of IN 23/941.

(d) Leave Certificate giving details of leave granted (No of days, TT, GX No, effectivedate , ship from where leave granted) during the last two calendar years.

(e) Vigilance clearance certificate (Navy Order 16/93).

(f) Certificate of withdrawal of Identity Card (No 09/93).

(g) Certificate regarding AME, in terms of NO 32/92.

(h) Certificate of Non-issue of railway warrants for baggage/scooter whereapplicable (for permanent duty TA/DA claim).

(j) Essentiality certificate for motor car in terms of TR 200, where applicable.

(k) Application form for PRDIES duly completed in all respects, if not already
forwarded to Release Centre.

(l) Four passport size photographs, two joint photographs with wife and two jointphotograph with wife and children (all in civil dress).

(m) One in number Net Mosquito for personal use (in the in living mess) (netmosquito is not required to be recovered for de-kitting).

(n) Surrender certificate for liquor card if drawing liquor prior to reporting to Release Centre.

Formalities after Reporting to Release Centre

Timely reporting to Release Centre is important as all formalities for claiming Terminal Benefits are initiated after it. The following formalities are completed in Release Centre :-

(a) Publication of Local Release and Discharge Order (LRDO).

(b) Completing and forwarding of claims for AFPP fund final payment and leave encashment.

(c) Opening of Bank Account with Punjab National Bank Extension Counter, CABS

(d) Forwarding of Pay Books, MLR Vouchers, Genforms, Leave sheets and photocopy of Service Certificates to Naval Pay Office.

(e) Completing and forwarding claims for CILQ, TPT, RTF, CEA etc (for the release period only) to Naval Pay Office/CDA (Navy).

(f) Preparation of Indian Navy Service and Discharge Certificate (INSADC).

(g) Sponsoring of sailors for various jobs for their rehabilitation.

(h) Forwarding the names and address of sailors retiring from Navy to their respective Zila Sainik Board/Rajya Sainik Board and NHQ (DESA) for re-settlement.

(j) Issue of Certificates.

(k) Payment of Terminal Benefits.

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Published on: 2005-02-21 (16933 reads)

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